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Lincolnshire Training Hub continue to work with General Practice Professionals to try support them in their work. We do this via courses, programmes and attending conferences, to deliver and provide information to those who need it.

To make sure we complete this sufficiently, we aim to follow the ten point action plan and provide services that line up with each point.

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POINT 1: Celebrate and Raise the Profile of GP nursing and promote general practice as a first destination career -

We take part in the annual careers day at the University of Lincoln, presenting to the 2nd year pre-registration students nurses. We are also currently supporting the GPN programme at BGU.

Working with system partners to successfully deliver the aspiring medics programme and the start the aspiring nurses.

POINT 2: Extend Leadership and Educator Roles –

The LTH are looking at creating some leadership programmes, to help those who are in these vital leadership roles. We also are currently recruiting in our own team for a leadership nursing fellowship.The highly commended GP academy is offering 2 fully funded courses for Lincolnshire GPs in 2020.  The free course involves attendance at an initial 2 day specialist “Teaching the Teachers in Primary Care” course, and an additional 3rd day to consolidate and re-enforce learning,  focussing on supervision skills. Attending this course can provide GPs with the opportunities to become involved in teaching and CV building activities to enhance your future career prospects as a teacher and clinical supervisor.

​POINT 3: Increase the number of pre-registration placements in General Practice -

Year on year, general practice placements have increased with the LTH. We are working closely with all practices across Lincolnshire and the University of Lincoln, ultimately to see all students having exposure to a general practice placement.

​POINT 4: Establish Inductions and Preceptorships –

This is something which LTH is planning to address in the future.

​POINT 5: Improve access to ‘return to practice’ programmes –

This year LTH facilitated the first two return to practice students within primary care. A course in July 2019 was completed by these students, and both have secured a permanent position within general practice. A further return to practice student has successfully completed the programme and is now working as a GPN and undertaking the fundamentals course.

​POINT 6: Embed and delivery a radical upgrade in prevention –

50 funded places were secured for the Education for Health chronic disease modules and with the training needs analysis business cases for further funding are being worked on

​POINT 7: Support access to educational programmes -

The training needs analysis is now complete and the formal report is available. We successfully visited over a large number of Lincolnshire practices, we would like to thank all of those who were involved.

Course currently in progress with secured funding 50 chronic disease modules, Non-medical prescribing, PGCCE in clinical education, paediatric module.

​POINT 8: Increase access to clinical academic careers and advanced clinical practice programmes, including nurses working in advanced practice roles in general practice -

We are evaluating numbers of nurses in Lincolnshire undertaking ACP programmes.

Leadership fellowship to commence September 2020. Promoting access and support to those nurses wishing to undertake the Mary Seacole Programme

​POINT 9: Develop healthcare support working (HCSW), apprenticeship and nursing associate career pathways -

The launch of the trainee nursing associate programme (September 2019) sees the first in general practice. The next cohort of 6 TNAs recruited and due to start September 2020. Discussions with system partners in regard to other apprenticeships within general practice.

​POINT 10: Improve retention -

Scoping and funding for clinical supervision and a preceptorship package within Lincolnshire Primary Care. Access to resources and education to be standardized. All training request to come via LTH to ensure ease of access and equal opportunities. Implementation of the general practice nurse career pathway.

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